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Services and Activities for Patients and Families

Alzheimer's Support Network of South Central Massachusetts provides services to the general public and to ASN member families. ASN services include:     helping hands

Resource Identification Assistance

Caregiver Support Groups & Appreciation Events

Early Stage Patient Support Group

Caregiver Training Programs
   Alzheimer's Awareness presentations
   Alzheimer's Caregiver Certification, a specialized behavioral dementia care training
  Licensed Provider trainings

Speakers Bureau

ASN Reading Materials/Video Library

Getting Involved
   Financial Giving
  Volunteer Opportunities

Resource Identification Assistance

Connecting You with What You Need

All caregivers eventually need the assistance of others to access resources and services. Through a variety of helpful services, the Alzheimer's Support Network of South Central Massachusetts strives to support every caregiver's efforts to meet their loved one's needs.

The Alzheimer's Support Network's Resource Identification Assistance Program is an information and referral process, provided in collaboration with Tri-Valley, Inc. The program can give family caregivers information on community programs and their eligibility requirements, types of services, and caregiver planning. This is a free service.

Often, caregivers can gain understanding of ways to cope with the caregiver role and responsibilities. Information packets for new caregivers are available. In addition, caregivers who are members of ASN may access respite assistance programs available through ASN.

The toll-free contact number is 1-800-286-6640, Extension 3100.

Caregiver Support Groups

Why go it alone?

The Alzheimer's Caregiver Support Group meetings are important to family caregivers not only as a place to obtain information about Alzheimer's Disease, but also to learn many helpful techniques in caring for a person with dementia. New caregivers are able to learn from experienced caregivers and support group leaders.

Respect for the role of the caregiver is understood in the groups. You will find others who will not only listen to you, but will also understand what you are experiencing. Ample discussion time is made available for questions about caregiving and for supportive sharing of your caregiver experience.

Support Group meetings generally last 90 minutes and include educational materials.

Meetings are monthly, open to any family or friend of a person with memory loss, whether it is Alzheimer's disease or a related primary progressive dementia.

Alzheimer's Caregiver Support Groups Meet         mutual support

In Southbridge

6 to 7:30 p.m., first Tuesday of each month
Southbridge Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center
84 Chapin Street

In Webster

6:15 to 7:45 p.m, second Monday of each month
Accord Adult Day Health
10 Cudworth Road

Early Stage Patient Support Group

Receiving a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease can be lonely and scary. The Early Stage Diagnosis Patient Support Group is for people with Alzheimer's disease. The support group
can help to ease feelings of loneliness and fear by letting you speak with others in the early stage of the disease.

Experienced facilitators offer information and ways to cope with the memory problems. A separate support group is held for the care-partners, coinciding with the time of the patients' meetings. The Early Stage Alzheimer's Patient Support Group meets intermittantly. For further information call (800) 286-6640 Extension 3100, or e-mail

Caregiver Training

The Alzheimer's Support Network offers a variety of caregiver training programs to the community. Programs may be tailored for family caregivers, professional care staff, and the
general public. They include:

Specialized training in behavioral management of dementia care, for family and in-home private caregivers.

The ASN Alzheimer's Caregiver Certification Program (ACCP).

ACCP is designed to increase the caregiver skills of home-based caregivers who must understand and manage behavior problems in Alzheimer's disease.

ACCP is a 10-hour, five-session training that is offered at least annually. Private duty home caregivers may complete the training and successfully complete the certification test to receive a certificate of training from ASN.

Caregiver training workshops throughout the year.

Workshops improve caregiver understanding of basic and advanced approaches for:

Improving daily direct care methods
Enhancing a caregiver's capacity to cope
Addressing quality-of-life issues for people with Alzheimer's disease or related      primary progressive dementia

Workshops are provided at different locations and may be included as part of a caregiver support group meeting.

Available to the general public:

Special programming is targeted during the month of November as part of Alzheimer's Awareness Month.

Respite Assistance

A Refresher You Need

Family caregivers with primary responsibility for the direct care of a person with Alzheimer's dementia will find themselves needing a break, or "respite care" services. The Alzheimer's Support Network has been a pioneer in the delivery of structured respite care, even providing financial assistance for families dealing with Alzheimer's disease.

Structured respite improves the general health of the caregiver and the quality of the caregiving relationship. ASN provides its member families a number of respite-care options. These include:

First-time respite trial: ASN will provide financial assistance to let the caregiver try respite care at no cost. Arrangements can be made for respite care either at home or in an adult day health care center.

Support group respite: Attendants provide care while a caregiver attends ASN-sponsored    support group meetings. ASN provides limited financial assistance to cover the cost
   of the respite staff.

Home respite assistance: Financial assistance is available for home respite help. ASN    shares the cost for home respite assistance to help sustain the benefits of structured respite    care and make it affordable.

ASN is not responsible for obtaining home respite care staff. All Respite Assistance services are dependent upon the family identifying available and appropriate care providers. Advance planning is necessary.

Community respite: ASN has provided contracted adult day health respite services since 1989. Respite services are offered by arrangement with Accord Adult Day Center of Webster. ASN member families may request a nursing evaluation to determine eligibility for adult day health services. If medically authorized, member families can     then receive financial assistance for respite each month. Once eligibility is approved, the start  date for respite is the next calendar month. Scheduling for a respite day is to be made with Accord Center staff.

Re-determination of respite eligibility is done annually. Member families are also contacted to complete a client satisfaction survey each year to assist ASN in its evaluation of the program services.

Speakers Bureau

Requests for a speaker can be made by contacting ASN's Resource Identification Assistance number at 508-949-6640, extension 3100. Call Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

ASN Library

Requests for free educational materials or a VHS video can be made by contacting ASN's Resource Identification Assistance toll-free: (800) 286-6640, Extension 3100

Getting Involved

Memorial Program: The family may designate memorial donations in the obituary notice of the newspaper to specify the Alzheimer's Support Network as the recipient of memorial gifts. ASN will send acknowledgment of all gifts to the person or family designated by the donor. Obituary notice may indicate donations payable to:

Alzheimer's Support Network
P.O. Box 839 Southbridge MA 01550

Contact us at the time you place the obituary. Click here for more information.

Volunteer Opportunities: The Alzheimer's Support Network has various activities that provide opportunities to volunteer your time and talents in community service. Non-stipend internships are available for college students in need of student practicum experience.

Financial Giving: The Alzheimer's Support Network has been found worthy
of support by many individuals and organizations over the years.
ASN practices its fiduciary responsibilities with utmost care. ASN
financials are routinely audited by an independent CPA to ensure
sound and ethical business practices.

Individuals may make a financial gift to ASN as part of their life or estate planning. A charitable gift in a Last Will can be a lasting tribute and assist in the continuation of ASN. Click here for more information.

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